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Podcast #16, Nom-Con 2012 and Some Sweet Quick-Scopezzzzz

The latest podcast is up here now! Zombie Stache Podcast #16

We also put up some BlazBlue videos from this years Nom-Con:

BB 1

And lastly, we were finally able to put up a COD video we made months ago where Zombie shows you how to Quick-Scope like a pro in WAW.

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It’s been a while. I assure you we by all means still exist. We’ve just been busy with all sorts of shit.  So no new podcast has been recorded or released since 15, but a few videos have been made; 2 unboxings and 3 gameplay videos in Left 4 Dead. We may or may not be able to record the long-awaited podcast #16 next week, but I’m leaning towards maybe. That’s about it for now, so keep an eye out! And look below for a link to those videos I mentioned. Oh, and with a bit of luck we’ll have another pro-ass Jamoo video up, maybe even featuring the flag-hating sniper-god himself!

Left 4 Dead part 1

part 2
part 3

Noel Vermilion Figure Unboxing

Celldweller Wish Upon A Blackstar Album Unboxing

And to listen to any previous podcast go check the podcast archive.

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3 New Z-Plague songs are up

"It's guns! I love guns! ...machine guns? That's even better! This could be fun! Sounds like death, and danger. Daaanger, daaaaanger...What's happening in the dining car? Is there blood? Who's killing who? Where did they get shot? I have to see! Things are really starting to get exciiiting! Yes! Yes yes yes! YES YES YES YES YES!" - Ladd Russo.

The 3 latest Z-Plague songs are now up on the site (links below). They feature the graceful Ladd Russo of Baccano! and this insightful fellow.

Problem Starts
XXX YYY Sucked
Lad talk

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New Podcast and new Z-P Jam!

The latest podcast, and Z-Plagues latest jam are both up! The podcast is a short one with Grey Stache and Extremename. Z-Plague is also joined by a special guest.

Happy Friday!

Podcast 13.5

Shut up and DIE

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Fear Death – A new Z-Plague Jam is up!

Z-Plague’s newest jam is up. It sees him breaking new walls of “artistic” power. Watch. Listen. Below.

Also, check the bitchin’ new “Z-Plague” tab on the menu above to find his history of jams from the comfort of Zombie Stache HQ.

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Zombie Stache Podcast #13

Brought to you by psycho duck

This week’s podcast includes Grey Stache, Zombieplague, Extremename, Happy Rookie and Sledge Hammer.

Link Dump

Z-Plagues Jam
“Digger Launcher” Gif
Tips on Ultimate Podcasting
Hank of the Hill
That noise in the background
I couldn’t find anything about Podflash to put here
Resident Evil 6 Trailer
Barry Burton
Dubstep Beatbox
Epic Commentary

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Our very own DJ Z-Plague has dropped a brand new beat today, and you all must check it out. It’s pretty fucking cash bro.

Be sure to check his other shit out too! Z-Plague’s other shit

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Welcome Stranger

What are ya buyin’?

Got some rare things on sale stranger.

Seriously though, do not buy, unless on sale for 2.99 at an Easons near you! (The tips are kind of bad, but funny. He likes adding Pod and Cast to random words. I’m Typcasting this to you now! Also, remember to SEX IT UP!)

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Sup pimpin bitches?

Turns out I’ve been neglecting this here blog, but so what? So have you. Dick. We’ve been podcasting, as usual. We had a little break, but we’re going strong. We also started doing epic commentaries on Jamoo’s gameplay videos he sends us. All of this will be linked below so all you lazy assholes can click. There’s also some other stuff there, so watch those too. DO IT.

We’ll be podcasting again tomorrow most likely, we’re also sitting on a rather impressive Call of Duty video, waiting on SOMEONE to hand the file over.

In closing, watch our shit now, come back tomorrow,
love Stache. Bye.
Also this.

Here are the links.

Podcast 12
Latest Jamoo
Everything else (How convenient for you)

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